Lauren Falconer   |

Lauren Falconer   |

Judy Wilson is an absolutely remarkable meditation teacher. I loved spending that very special time with her as she taught me a technique that changed my life forever. Judy holds the space in a way that instantly makes you feel completely at ease and supported, she is the real deal, and it is this authentic quality that makes her teaching so special. I highly recommended her meditation program to everyone, it is an investment in yourself that you will have forever and will profoundly impact every relationship & situation in your life and most importantly the way you live within yourself.
— Lauren Falconer. The LifePod Holistic Centre

“Over the years, I had started to build my own ideas and practices about what meditation could be about. This was okay to me. To my standards back then. When I was introduced to Vedic mediation, I sort of thought I knew what could be expected. I ... was wrong. Judith put me on a saddle, opened the doors of my stables and showed me how to let myself ride in a land where subtle meets beauty and depth. This daily practice keeps on making me feel “cleaner” and “cleaner”day by day. I was not wrong before, simply less.
— Henri. MachingIdeas. - Paris France

Jennifer Kent   Filmmaker, writer/director of THE BABADOOK

Jennifer Kent 

Filmmaker, writer/director of THE BABADOOK

I was no stranger to meditation when I started learning the vedic kind. I’d been meditating on and off for 20 years and I’d gained undeniable benefits. But nothing has been as supportive and life changing to me as Vedic Mediation. Although I had gained some tremendous benefits through Buddhist meditation, I had always felt it was somehow separate from daily life, and that I could never ‘get it right’, I was never a ‘good enough meditator’. Vedic Meditation is the opposite for me. It’s joyful and playful, it’s about being authentically who you are. It has not only helped me to find peace and happiness, it has enlivened my creativity and seen my professional life flourish in the best possible way.
I’m not saying things have suddenly become perfect, that’s not the point. But even the difficult and challenging experiences make more sense to me now. I feel a real sense of purpose that I sometimes doubted, but now, I just don’t. It has given my life much greater meaning.
Judy is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met. She has a very fine mind and the purest of hearts. Her motivation with her teaching is completely for the benefit of the students. She is the best meditation teacher I’ve encountered and a real embodiment of vedic principles. I love her for all the help and guidance she has given me and I cannot recommend her more highly as a teacher.
— Jennifer Kent (Filmmaker, writer/director of THE BABADOOK.)

Since I was taught meditation three years ago by Judy, my world has changed in so many beautiful ways, so easily and naturally, with meditation becoming an integral part of my daily life the same way as breathing, eating and sleeping is.

Meditation helped me through challenging times after the passing of my Partner, giving me more clarity, stability and strength to meet all the challenges I faced and turning me towards a place that shows me much greater happiness and inner peace.

My health - physical, mental and emotional - has improved dramatically. Learning how to relieve my body of any stresses has enabled my physicality to improve greatly. Ive gone from not having a fully functioning right knee (due to lack of cartilage) to it now being so flexible I can easily bend down without pain, and can forget there was ever an issue with it. I have not had any colds/flu or illnesses since I learned to meditate. Clearing the mind of stress has enabled me to be clear on what i need to do for my body to function more naturally and has also enabled me to deal with day to day stresses that come with work and home life, now being much calmer and more ready for whatever life throws my way, which has also been visibly noticeable to friends and family who comment all the time how effective meditation is in such an easy way.
— Dianne Brooks / Photographer, EA, Office Manager, Mother

Learning this technique really put my feet back on the ground. I no longer feel carried away with day to day stresses.

The difference it has made to my life is black & white, & i cannot imagine my life without it.
— Luke Phillips. Sabbath Cycles

learning how to,
is learning the link or flows of life
like fire, water, or breath (essentially an essential)

the beginning is amazing, 
everything starts to make sense, 
why we do, be, are. 

continuing, is like beginning, 
again and again, fresh, and wise
, alive most of all 

, it has no boundaries 
where you once saw an edge, a cliff or abyss 
a view or perspective forms
, round like the earth
and beautiful … 

i hope you can enjoy it
… meditation

-- Mia Murray. Artist

When I came across one of Judy’s flyer fifteen months ago, I had been living with an autoimmune condition for the past seven years and I was a corporate executive who worked with four different timezones and traveled a lot. Stress had taken over my life and I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I had without something else giving out. I can honestly tell you since learning from Judy, I’ve never looked back. Vedic meditation transformed the quality of my life and it continues to do so to this day. And if you’ve spent any time at all at the Potts Point studio, you’ll know immediately that its a very special space. I cant recommend it highly enough
— Zanthi. Web Designer

One of the first things Judy said to me was that if you don’t want your life to change, don’t learn to meditate. My whole life has transformed since learning to meditate and it’s in no way slowing down - my career, my health, my energy levels, sleep, relationships and the most important thing of all, my happiness. Incorporating a technique into my daily life to release stress, fatigue and distractions that clutter the mind and build up over time has cleared the path for me to do more of what feels relevant and evolutionary to me. Learning to meditate has changed my life and Judy has been there as a teacher and friend every step of the journey.
— Narissa Moeller. Journalist, Writer

Before i learnt to meditate I researched many different styles of meditation and decided to go with Vedic Meditation as science has shown proven results on the brain. Due to Vedic Meditation I handle stresses and demands better. I can adapt to change much quicker and easier.
— Jennifer Erdahl. MUA & MU Instructor at TAFE

Judy Wilson is an amazing Vedic meditation teacher. After training in India for over 6 months Judy came back to Sydney to teach what she had learned and I had the privilege to meet her and have her teach me to meditate. I have had so many fantastic changes to my life since then and if a day goes by without meditating I feel something is missing. Judy has a wealth of information and the way she explains and teaches is a gift. Thank you Judy for everything you have done for me over the past 2 years.
— Arlene Johnson. Life Coach

It was something I had been meaning to do for as long as I can remember. I had been meditating (in my own way without knowledgeable guidance) while modelling, drawing and creating but once I had completed the course with Judy Wilson I understood the importance of this practise and was reaping the rewards from Vedic Meditation almost instantly.

The course itself was relaxing, simple and with Judy it felt safe, enjoyable and extremely comfortable.

The experiences from the first meditation session to the ones that followed were remarkable. It impacted on my physical, emotional and mental state in the most wonderful way. You can feel the healing process as you go. Creative ideas are able to come to the surface a lot more freely, I feel a sense of calm and clarity throughout the day, life’s ups and downs are a lot easier to tackle and it helps you focus on what is important.

Your life will really change and I have welcomed that change. Vedic Meditation has allowed me to understand what I feel on the inside and focus on what matters. I have become more aware of what reality really is. Giving me permission to live my life to the fullest potential. Judy Wilson has given me this special gift that I will be forever grateful for.
— Sarina Del Fuego. Producer