photograph by Dianne Brooks Photography. Copyright©2015

photograph by Dianne Brooks Photography. Copyright©2015

Vedic Meditation Technique


Vedic meditation is a simple and effortless technique that naturally allows the mind to calm and the body to experience profoundly deep levels of relaxation. 20 minutes, morning and evening, is all that is required to decrease stress and improve health, happiness, clarity and general well being. 

From an experienced teacher, Vedic meditation is easy to learn and completely suitable for busy people and modern living. Practiced sitting comfortably, with the eyes closed, this simple technique can be easily integrated into your daily routine.

As a result of practicing Vedic meditation, one naturally feels more energized and dynamic in activity yet with a sense of stillness and calm gained in meditation. 

Engaging with this practice gives the opportunity to be fully awake and present in our daily life, and participate appropriately with any demands that come our way. 

The technique is derived from a body of knowledge known as The Vedas, tracing back to ancient India 5000+ years. The Vedas, or Vedic knowledge encompasses many aspects of life including Health (Ayurveda), Spirituality, Arts, Literature and Science. 

Once learned, the technique is life long and a wonderful investment in one's own personal growth, happiness and evolution.