Judy Wilson

Independent teacher of Vedic meditation


Judy Wilson is an independent teacher of Vedic meditation, currently based in Sydney Australia. She has been a practitioner of this technique for over 19 years, being trained in Vedic meditation at the age of 21.

She was introduced to Yoga at the age of 19 and quickly developed a natural dedication to this practice, which inspired an internal drive for self development, a passion for knowledge and exploring her inner truth. New and profound experiences were naturally starting to emerge and Judy realized that learning a personal technique to understand and further expand these experiences was essential. It was at this point that she learnt Vedic meditation. 

Judy went on to train extensively in advanced Vedic Studies with her teacher, world renowned Vedic Master, Thom Knoles (Maharishi Vyasananda). Under his guidance she became a teacher of Vedic meditation in 2011. This intensive training took place in the Himalayas over 108 consecutive days. She graduated in May 2011 in Rishikesh, India.

In addition to teaching meditation, Judy has worked as a performance artist in both Australia and France. This profession created a wonderful platform to experience first-hand how meditation brings incredible balance to life, enhancing one's intuition, drive and creativity. 

Judy teaches Vedic meditation in Sydney (NSW),  Adelaide (SA) and in Paris, France (this course is conducted in English). To find out more details about upcoming course dates and locations contact us here.