Course in Vedic Meditation


The introductory course in Vedic meditation is held over 4 consecutive days. These sessions will take approx. 60-90 mins each day, at a time organized with the teacher. 

Classes are taught either one on one, or in a small group ( max 6 people ) and are all taught by Judy Wilson. These small groups are designed to give students the care and attention needed to understand the technique and feel comfortable with their new practice. 

Course Structure


DAY 1 - ( Personal Instruction - 60min session )

On the first day of training you will receive a personal Mantra, and learn the correct procedure of how to use it in your meditation practice. 

DAYS 2, 3 and 4 ( approx. 90mins per session )

Over the next three sessions, with guidance you will begin to naturally refine the technique and learn how to easily integrate meditation into your daily life. All you will need to know about meditation and its effect on the mind and body will be included in these three 90minute sessions.  

Any questions you have about the technique and your experiences will also be answered during these sessions. 

By day 4 you will be established in a simple and effortless meditation technique that can be easily practiced at home or anywhere you can sit comfortably with the eyes closed for 20 minutes, twice a day.

How to book your course


You are required to attend a free Introductory talk prior to booking your course in Vedic meditation.

If you have already attended a free into talk and you would like to learn Vedic meditation, please contact us here to make an appointment.

Course session options


The course in Vedic meditation is run over 4 consecutive days. 60-90mins per session

Our studio offers morning, afternoon and evening sessions. For more information contact us here

Private courses can be booked, by appointment. please contact us here

Course fee


Course Fee $1100

Private Course Fee $1300 (4 days 1:1 private instruction)

Full time Students $800 (age 15 and over)

Children under the age of 15 - for further information contact us here

Ongoing support


Once you have taken the course in Vedic Meditation you are welcome to join our group meditation sessions free of charge. Group sessions are a great way to stay on track and continue to refine your practice.