Vedic Meditation Paris


Vedic Meditation is a simple and effortless technique that naturally allows the mind to calm and the body to experience profoundly deep levels of relaxation. 20 minutes, morning and evening, is all that is required to decrease stress and improve health, clarity and general well being. From an experienced teacher, Vedic Meditation is easy to learn and completely suitable for busy people and modern living.

Our Paris studio is situated in the Marais and offers morning and evening courses in Vedic meditation during the spring and summer months of the year.

The course is conducted over 4 consecutive days. Approx 60-90mins per day.

These sessions will be taught in English. If you are interested in learning Vedic meditation and require a French speaking teacher, please contact us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction!

For more information about our next Paris course dates, or to receive an invitation to a free introductory talk, contact Judy at


Advanced Courses in Paris


Personal mentoring, Advanced courses and Free Group meditation sessions are available to students that have completed a 4day introductory course in Vedic meditation and wish to advance their practice. For more information about advanced training, contact Judy Wilson at